Group Members


December 2016

Current group members/research students

Postdoctoral fellow:
Karin Gross (Uppsala University) 2016-
Karin studies the proximate and ultimate causes behind the tremendous floral scent variation within and among populations of the saxifragous plant Lithophragma bolanderi. Her postdoctoral scholarship is provided by the Wenner-Gren Foundation (2016-2018).

Doctoral students
Hampus Petrén (Lund University) 2016-
In his PhD-project, Hampus explores the evolutionary ecology of floral signaling variation in Arabis alpina, and how this relates to interactions with their insect pollinators and antagonists.

Elodie Chapurlat (co-supervisor; Uppsala University) 2014-
As part of her PhD-project, Elodie is interested in geographical and temporal patterns in floral scent in the fragrant orchid Gymnadenia conopsea. For more info see her web page.

Visiting Fulbright Scholar
Victoria Luizzi (Lund University) 2017-2018
In her project, Victoria asks how costly it is for plants to emit floral scent signals using experimental approaches, and various crucifer plant species as model organisms.

Master students
Maria Berg (Uppsala University) 2016-
In her master’s projects Maria puts floral scent evolution into an evolutionary perspective using multiple species of crucifers (Brassicaceae) plants.

Malin Undin (Uppsala University) 2017-
In her master’s project Malin is linking floral variation in shape and scent in Lithophragma bolanderi to the impact of specialist and generalist pollinators in multiple populations spread across the species range.

Hanna Dort 2017-
In her master’s project, Hanna is linking crucifer plant defense responses to the female host plant preferences of specialized pierid herbivores.

Bachelor students
Viktor Rosenberg (Uppsala University) 2017.
In his bachelor’s project, Viktor is studying environmental impacts on floral scent emission in the crucifer Arabidopsis arenosa

Former lab members/projects
Joseph Anderson (Uppsala University) 2015-2016
In his master’s project, Joseph studied floral scent variation in various populations of the orchid Gymnadenia conopsea and its close relative Gymnadenia densiflora

Kaberi Singha (Uppsala University) 2015
In her master’s project, Kaberi studied the floral scent diversity in a set of populations of the crucifer plant Arabidopsis lyrata that vary in the level of self-compatibility. She linked the chemical variation to variation in mating system and variation in visual signals.

Hampus Petrén (Uppsala University) 2015
In his master’s project, Hampus investigated the genetic basis and the evolutionary potential of a polymorphism in host plant preference among females of the green-veined white butterfly Pieris napi.

Gabriele Gloder (Uppsala University) 2016
Gabriele visited as an Erasmus+ student (University of Padua, Italy) studying environmental effects on host plant acceptance in Pieris napi and Pieris rapae.

Lena Gaide (Uppsala University) 2016
Lena visited as an Erasmus+ student (University of Bielefeld, Germany) studying heritability of host plant acceptance in Pieris napi.